Wishkali - Institue of Design for Quality of Life

Platform for countless social innovations

Unlocking self-happiness involves caring for others. That's when the co-creation of a better future begins.

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Living at Viskali

Photo: Jānis Pešiks

Innovation. Social innovation programme, based on principle research-educate-innovate, brings together creators of the future who aim to co-design better quality of life, based on the values of sustainability, inclusion and esthetics.

Living. We aim to develop affordable, sustainable, and quality housing project, that include community building with residents and improvement of the surrounding neighbourhood. Inspired by the Community Land Trust movement...

Creation. Development of the degraded area of Riga, that promotes cooperation with neighborhoods, residents and guests of the building. We unite responsibility to the space, sustainable culture and artistic creativity.

Near the lake, in an urban-wildlife jungle, at the crossroads of five neighbourhood centers of the city.

Institute of Design for Quality of Life is the second phase of development of Viskaļi - biggest creative building at Riga, that already provides 15 000 sq.m. of space for more than 150 creative, social and active residents.


Photo: Johan Adrian Buus, edit: Dāvis Gauja

Viskaļi is located at former Riga Technical university faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics.

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In Latvian "kalt" has several meanings - to process a metal, to teach and to learn, to memorize well.
From community of Viskaļi, we grow into tribe of Wishkaļi. We process our wishes into reality, while learning from each other.

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